Salamajärvi nationalpark, Heikinlampi

Metsän kutsu, Invitation of Forest, is a company that offers quality wilderness guide-, nature tourism- and wellness services in Central Finland.

We offer many kind of trips and tours with many nature activities and mountain bikes,  kayaking and snow shoes rental services.

The themes of thees trips can be forest, lake, silence, nature connection, light, sauna or smoke sauna, fishing, food, snow and  ice.

For companies and communities, we deliver products related to wellbeing at work and recreation, according to the customer’s wishes.

We use own equipment in our products, as well as accommodation and outdoor dining services in our network!

Through our suplier network we are able to provide recreational days for up to 20 people.


Passivities are modern!

Welcome to enjoy!

Jukka Keituri, Wilderness and Nature Guide