Forest and nature have invited me for over 50 years. In 2014, I woke up to a strong and powerful call from somewhere within me, a call from nature. On the weekends I started touring one of the more handsome natural sites in Central Finland and somewhere on their paths, my own new path was found. Wilderness and nature guide, own company. Somewhere I also got a vocational qualification as an entrepreneur and all the wonderful friends and acquaintances who encouraged me on the path I chose.  Long and heavy has been in this path to go, in addition to a demanding job to study but still feel that I am on the right path and I hear the call of the forest.

My company, Metsän kutsu, started operations at the beginning of June 2019. My products include producing well-being in nature through various forms of exercise, moving in all seasons. Canoeing, mountain biking, walking, skiing, kick sledding, snowshoeing … or is it nessecary to move,  live in tents, stay in a shed and enjoy the darkness, the stars and most of all the wonderful silence. My excursions are in no hurry to get anywhere, and the length of the trip or the time spent on it is not the purpose but Nature, its wonders and beauty.

In the spring of 2020, I got opportunity to buy Ekola’s croft from Sumiainen, which I used almost immediately. Croft is part of  natural  holiday paradise,  what is developed in ecological way since the 80’s. We have a wide range of facilities can use on the Ekola area, nature trail, dream cliff, meadows and Nuotioniemi, where are everything you need for camping and recreation.

Nowadays, I don’t have to go to nature separately because the croft is in the middle of it, surrounded by the forest!  Wonderful life!

Welcome to nature!